Center for Conflict Resolution

(CECORE) was founded more than 20 years ago by a group of Ugandans aspiring to promote alternative and creative means of preventing, managing, and resolving conflict.


CECORE’s purpose is to empower individual women and men, communities, organizations and institutions to transform conflict effectively by applying alternative and creative means in order to promote a culture of active tolerance and peace.

The video presents  a real-life picture of a rural community in Karamoja region in Uganda – a region characterized by a cycle of violent conflicts and worst human development indicators in the country, and where the youth are at the center of violence, as perpetrators and victims. It brings out the reality, that in some places, communities are not yet aware of what SDGs are; “what is SDGs”?. The expression “For us SDGs left us behind” affirms the need to ensure that all communities are part of the process. It indicates the need to enhance efforts towards peace if the SDG goals are to be realized. The reponse to the question “what does peace mean to you” further affirm the need to localize SDGs. With the intervention of CECORE, the organization has worked with the youth and transformed them from notorious warriors known for cattle raiding and killing to champions of peace in the area. The powerful stories of change as testified by the youth are simply amazing. This has been through a two-way approach of addressing the root causes of conflicts (mindset) and addressing economic livelihoods (key drivers of conflict among the youth). This effort however remains a drop in the ocean.