CECORE was founded more than 20 years ago by a number of Ugandans aspiring to promote alternative and creative means of preventing, managing, and resolving conflict.


CECORE’s purpose is to empower individual women and men, communities, organizations and institutions to transform conflict effectively by applying alternative and creative means in order to promote a culture of active tolerance and peace.

We engage in action-oriented research, policy influencing, documentation, information sharing, strategic dialogue, networking and partnership building. We also collaborate with partners and donors to achieve our objectives.

We work throughout Uganda, and partner with organisations in the Great Lakes and Horn of Africa Regions on various peacebuilding and conflict transformation initiatives.

Our vision

A society where peace, tolerance and human dignity prevail.


Our mission

To promote a culture of peace


Our values

  • Respect for fundamental human rights
  • Assurance of equal opportunities for all persons
  • Professional integrity
  • Strong team work and collaboration

Our objectives

  • To research and develop theory and implement the practice of conflict resolution by applying alternative and creative means
  • To research, document and disseminate information on conflict resolution and peace building
  • To share knowledge and experience through networking
  • To explore and share information on early warning and preventive mechanisms on conflicts