Partner with us

CECORE’s approach is all-inclusive and participatory.
For all groups we work with, be it on our own initiative or by invitation from them, we ensure a proper understanding of the issues to be addressed by doing analysis before coming up with the programme for engagement.

Our Partners

NGOs, Training Institutions, Government Agencies and International Organisations

All our trainings for groups and institutions are tailor-made to respond to their specific context and needs. The trainings take into account the different linguistic and cultural contexts, as well as any other vulnerability. When in a new area, we ensure to work with and gain the support of local partners, for the duration of the engagement. In cases where we cannot fully respond to the needs of a particular group, such as fulfilling material needs, which is not our direct mandate, we link with appropriate partners, from our wide base of partnership.

Researchers and Fellows

With our wide knowledge and many years of experience, as well as a wide network of partners, we are able to provide relevant information for research work. This includes contacts in the areas of interest (geographic or thematic) as well as background information.

Community Members

We have contacts in many of the communities around the country, through persons we have interacted with in one way or the other.


Community members can also contact us in case of a need for our services especially in peacebuilding, conflict resolution or conflict sensitive planning.



We invite media personnel and houses to partner with us to contribute to a peaceful society. We can support training in ethical as well as peace reporting. The media is a vital partner when it comes to advocacy on issues of peace and development as it is from a peaceful society that comes development.

Volunteers and Interns

Over the years, CECORE has received and worked with volunteers and interns from both within the country and globally; coming either as part of an academic requirement, or to gain practical experience in our area of work.

The duration at CECORE would depend on both the availability of opportunities as well as space.


The volunteers cater for their needs but the organisation may offer to arrange for their safe accommodation. When based in the office, the office facilities are at their disposal.

Past projects

We were at the center of the peace agreement between the Uganda National Rescue Front (UNRFII) and the Ugandan Government, where we played a role in helping the two parties negotiate a peaceful agreement that still holds to date. We were also called upon by the World Bank to bring together stakeholders of the then controversial Bujagali Dam project, where facilitated dialogue helped cool tempers.